Butterfly (Available)
Crow  (Available)
Skull (Available)
Beyond the Cave (Available)
Insight (available)
Vision (Available)
Lace Maker (available)
Bertrand's Box (Available)
Bird on Wire (Available)
Cultural Obliteration (Private Collection)
Jus in Bello (Private Collection)
Bounds of Reason (Private Collection)
Night (Private collection)
Memory's Eulogy (Private Collection)
Alligator Purse  (Private Collection)
Butterfly Effect (Private Collection)
The Storm Pales (Private Collection)
Storm Warning (Private Collection)
The Storm Within (Private Collection)
Transitory Window (Private Collection)
Journey (Permanent Collection)
Grace (Private Collection)
Parallel Dimension (Permanent Collection)
Hope Against Hope (Private Collection)
Triggered Memories ( Private Collection)
White Rose (Private Collection)
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