BORN  Brooklyn, NY USA



BIO                   Judith Peck is an allegorical realist humanizing major societal issues                                 with her figurative paintings.


EDUCATION      George Washington University, Washington, DC BFA 1979       




                       GROUP EXHIBITIONS


2017                 Sight Unseen-Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

                          Alchemical Vessels-The Night Journey-Smith Center for Healing and the                            Arts  Washington, DC-March. Catalogued

                          The Art of Engagement, Touchstone Gallery Washington  DC. Jack                                       Rasmussen Juror. Aug.

                          Women and Anger-Koehnline Museum of Art, Des Plaines, IL.  Sept.

                          Being Sentient/ Sentient Being- Wills Creek, Cumberland, MD. Sept.

                           International show-Brownsville Museum of Art, TX- March


2016                   Invitational -Transformer Auction-Katzen Museum, Washington,                                        DC.           

                          Transformer Auction-Katzen Museum, Washington DC-Nov.


2015                  The Tallahassee International -Florida State University.   Museum of                                   Fine Arts, FL- cataloged

                           YEELEN Gallery Exhibition and PoetsArtist Publication                                                           what’s INSIDE HER never dies… a Black Woman’s Legacy, Miami, Fl-Nov.

                           Arte Américas- Casa de la Cultura- Fresno Art Museum, CA.

                           Pursuing Justice Through Art:  Whistler House Museum of  Art, MA.

                           Coding: Artists and their Creative DNA- Portsmouth  Museums, VA         

                           Nor’Easter- New Britain Museum of American Art, CT. January

                           The Artist Gaze- Sirona Fine Arts and Poets/Artists issue, Hallandale                                  Beach, FL


2014                   Women Painting Women, catalogued- Principle Gallery- SC.

                            Femme-  Invitational- Silber Art Gallery-curator Laura  Amussen,                                        Baltimore, MD. cataloged.


 2013                 Interpretive, The Portrait Today- Galeria Obra Alegria- San     Juan, PR.

                            Florida Museum of Woman Artist juried by George Bolge, DeLand,   FL


2011                   From Motion to Stillness-Invitational Exhibit -Zhou B Art  Center,                                        Chicago, IL.

                             New Waves -Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art Juried by  Craig                                   Drennen- VA.


  2009                  Finding Beauty in a Broken World: The Joan Hisako Healing     Arts                                     Gallery, DC.

                            Learn Promote Defend-Center for Civil and Human Rights,    Atlanta,                                Georgia.

                            Strictly Painting -Curated by Vivienne Lassman-McLean Project for the                              Arts, McLean, VA.

                           In the News, curated by Morley Safer-Pen and Brush Inc.  New York, NY


2006                  Women Artists and their Social Commentary–GWU, Mount Vernon                                   Campus, DC.


              SOLO EXHIBITIONS

2018           Hope and History The Gallery at Penn College-March

2017           Gathering Shards Hill Center Gallery, Washington, DC - Oct.

2017           The Distant Shore -Artists and Makers 2, Rockville, MD-Dec.

2015           Emergence- Chelsea Underground Gallery, MI.

2013           Judith Peck CW Gallery 65-McLean, VA. Dec.

2012           The Hope Series-Hoyt Institute for the Arts, New Castle, PA.

2011           Judith Peck-Meyer Metro Gallery, Bellaire, TX

2010           Original Position-International Arts and Artists’ -Washington,  DC.

2002            New Work by Judith Peck-Intercultural Museum -Baltimore, MD

 1999            Facing History -Dadian Gallery- Wesley Theological Seminary Wash.DC.

1999           Survivors-Swords into Plowshares Gallery, Detroit, MI.




             SELECTED AWARDS


2017            Second Place Award- Regional Exhibition-, Hill Center Gallery, Wash.                                 DC. Claude L. Elliott juror June-Oct.


                      Second Place Award-30th September International Competition –                                      Alexandria Museum of Art, LA.-Mark Tullos juror,-June-Sept.


                      Best in Show Award plus Students’ Choice Award -Art Speaks on the Bay,                         Mathews, VA.- Jeffrey Allison juror-May.


                       Awarded First Place-For & About Women-Frederick Gallery,                                                 Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, VA, Preston Thayer juror-                               March.


2016            Best in Show winner-Pinnacle - Florida A&M University Foster-Tanner Fine                       Arts Gallery, Tallahassee, FL. Zoe Charlton, juror-Sept.


                     Awarded-International Artist-in-Residence Hallein Kunstinsel Program,                             Salzburg, Austria. August-October


                     Second Place-Emulsion 2016-East City Art- Cataloged-Washington, DC.                              Amy Cavanaugh Royce, juror-April.


                      Second Place - Figurative National Juried Competition, Lore Degenstein                            Gallery-Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA Oct.


                       Awarded-At the Walker exhibition- Cataloged-The Walker Art Collection                           Garnett, KS. April


2014             Awarded Brush Creek Residency, Saratoga, WY.


2013              Juror’s Choice Award- Masur Museum of Art, LA2012.


2012              Awarded Best in Show- In The Flesh III Target Gallery- Alexandria, VA.


 2011             Strauss Fellowship Grant from Fairfax County


                      Juror's choice award-About Face. Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Art                                  Center, Solomon, MD.




2015           Context Art Miami Basel-with Alida Anderson Art Projects


2014           Aqua Art Fair Miami Basel- with Mayer Fine Art        

                    Art Wynwood Miami- Mayer Fine Art Miami, FL

                    Art Southampton- Mayer Fine Art, NY


 2013            (e)merge art fair-Alida Anderson Art Projects-Washington DC.

                      Aqua Art Miami- Mayer Fine Art-Miami FL. Dec.

                      Affordable Art Fair NY Spring represented by Alida Anderson Art Projects.


2012            Aqua Fair at Art Basel Miami-Alida Anderson Art Projects-Miami, FL.


2010            Aqua Fair at Art Basel Miami-Alida Anderson Art Projects-Miami, FL.




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Book-Ashen Rainbow- Ori Z. Soltes-Eshel Books 2007




Museo Arte Contemporanea, Sicilia, Italia.

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, PA.

2014 2015 2016    Purchase grant from the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC.